About KT in English

Tha Association of Swedish city builders welcomes all members and other visitors to our site!

The main aims of this Web service is to provide interesting and up-to-date information on FSvS and to provide a forum for Exchange of information between its members.

Link to our calendar gives you fast access to up-to-date information on our upcoming activities (in Swedish).

FSvS was formed in 1902. Its purpose is ”to promote development, training, cooperation and information will be compromised, particularly the municipal-technical activity”. Facts about FSvS, its directors, officers and members, see the ”Om oss” tab above (in Swedish).

FSvS organizes annually several courses and conferences. In our site we have an up to date list of upcoming courses and conferences. There you also find reports and materials from already implemented activities.

Our president, Technical director Bo Bäckström, provides more information about FSvS in the past, present and future in this letter.